There is a big difference between claiming to be ‘drama free' and AVOID TAKING FULL RESPONSIBILITY AND OWNERSHIP. People today have become Desensitized towards one another and feelings. More and More I see people act/say whatever they want, accept no ownership for the consequences; often times not caring at all how their actions affect others yet their very actions, attitude, words, etc. are causing drama.


My Favorite Natural Herbal Tea. Healthy and Refreshing!

The overall combined flavor and strength of this mixed herbal tea is light to medium. And, the best part, these teas are all non-caffeine. The energy boost you receive from this is from all natural herbs. Yay!! 

Learn How To RESET Your Metabolism!

There is a term that you may (or may not) have heard of called ‘Metabolic Override’. Those who are unfamiliar with this term let me explain it like this: it’s like our bodies has a ‘reset button’ that directly impacts the metabolism.

Foods That Boost Metabolism and Kill Fat!!

 If you’re feeling a serious lack of energy, relying on energy drinks or high amounts of caffeine to get you through the day, experiencing mood swings and fatigue even if you’ve had eight hours of sleep, a decrease in your sex drive, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, depression or any other sudden or chronic problems, it is most likely directly related to what you’re eating and whether you have a healthy gut or not. Dr. Amy Lee, world famous Bariatric Physician located in Los Angeles tells all her patients “your digestive system can make you Energy or it can make you Fat, but not Both.”

Food ingredients to look for and avoid that are banned in other countries but LEGAL here in the United States

When it comes to allowing products and chemicals in food, the United States has very different rules versus other countries in the world.  While several countries have banned these toxic chemicals, they are still LEGAL in the United States of America.

A New Beginning (a short story by Roxanne Lopez)

There were people everywhere. Finally, she was here, nervous as a school girl about to get her first kiss. She knew the perfect one would love her unconditionally and be her best friend. She had been dreaming for months about beautiful brown eyes framed with thick lashes. She just knew that she would know 'the one' as soon as their eyes met.

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