A New Beginning (a short story by Roxanne Lopez)

There were people everywhere. Finally, she was here, nervous as a school girl about to get her first kiss. She knew the perfect one would love her unconditionally and be her best friend.  She had been dreaming for months about beautiful brown eyes framed with thick lashes. She just knew that she would know ‘the one’ as soon as their eyes met.

“Hiiiii there! Can I help you?” The woman, who had a purple name tag with Samantha on it, was so full of energy she vibrated with it.

“Oh, ummm, I saw your ad. It said this was open to the public and all fees were waived as a holiday special. Am, I in the right place?”

“You are. As you can see we’ve had quite a turn out. So many people looking to find that perfect companion to love. Just go right on over to that table on the left, Marci will help you before you go find yourself that special companion that will love you forever.”

Armed with the items Marci gave her and a bright red tag that read Rosemary she hesitantly walked towards the various groups scattered throughout the area. Taking a deep breath, she began to mingle with others. After an hour of looking and talking she was no closer to seeing those eyes that haunted her dreams. Walking over to a booth to buy a bottle of water she ran into Samantha.

“Well hi again honey. Any luck yet?”

“Not yet.”

“Awwww, well don’t you fret honey. Sometimes you find the right one the first time and sometimes it takes a few tries. Are you particular about age, size or coloring?”

“No, not really.”

“Good! Keep your options open.”

Sipping water, she watched people leave. Some were alone, some were not. Her heart felt a pinch of loneliness. Fighting disappointment, she was determined to give it one more shot. Looking down as she walked, she bumped into a gate, almost falling inside. Embarrassed she started to walk around it when she looked up and into a pair of beautiful brown eyes. Familiar eyes. Heart pounding, palms sweating, she fumbled with the latch before opening the gate and dropped to her knees. It was love at first sight.

“It’s you. I can’t believe I found you.” Tears of joy ran down her cheeks as she reached out her hand to read his tag. It read “Sammy”.

“Hi Sammy. I’m Rosemary.” He walked over, put his head on her shoulder, gave a deep sigh as if to say, “I found you, too” before excitedly licking her face, neck, hands and knocking her backwards to shower her with licks of joy and love.

They sat on the ground, his tail thumping in happiness as he licked her hands, face and anywhere else he could reach. Rosemary kept hugging him and laughing as she tried hard to compose her emotions, discreetly wiping the tears that wouldn’t stop flowing.

“Come on Sammy, let’s go home.” Rosemary and Sammy walked toward the adoption table, both happy and looking forward to a new beginning.

new beginning, love, romance, short story
A New Beginning….

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