Kindness, Compassion, Love and Time Can Help or Save Lives

Today I felt a strong compulsion to make this video for two reasons: 1. There is SOMEONE out there who is desparate, feeling lost, alone, stuck and Looking for HELP. THIS IS FOR YOU!!!  2. With all of the hate and racism and division amongst people that is intentionally goaded and fueled by the news media AND social media, many people are really believing the Hype, which is:: THE WORLD IS GETTING UGLIER AND MORE HATEFUL AND RACIST. That is absolutely, completely FALSE. All of the countries and U.S. states that were recently ravaged, and for some, completely dsetroyed, by the natural disasters that have occured within the past month, they are STILL IN GREAT, DESPARATE NEED OF HELP!! Too often, and too quickly, people are quick to jump onto the newest ‘band wagon’ slinging dirt and judgement, hate and cruelty at strangers and friends alike. People threatening to UNFRIEND ‘friends’ because they don’t agree with their opinions and don’t respect one another’s individuality and be able to RESPECTFULLY AGREE TO DISAGREE. I felt such a strong compelling come over me as I was praying and kept hearing this voice inside my head say “SPEAK TO THE PEOPLE. SOMEONE IS LOST WHO NEEDS TO HEAR YOUR MESSAGE. OTHERS NEED TO BE REMINDED OF THE GOOD AND LOVE IN THIS WORLD” I hope this video is helpful to some of you. If you found value in it, PLEASE SHARE WITH OTHERS.. I would also genuinely appreciate you Liking this video and even Subscribing to my page. As always YOU ARE VERY MUCH APPRECIATED. BE HAPPY. BE KIND. BE BLESSED. These websites are involved in helping to provide all manners of aid to the victims of Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Maria, Hurricane Jose and the various fires in California, Idaho, Montana, Oregon. Unfortunately, not all of these major disasters have been widely televised or shared on social media. Only the BIG ONES (Harvey, Irma, Maria, Jose and the wilfefires around Yosemite National Park) and most recently, the eathquakes in Mexico. The rest of the devastation is mostly known through personal videos and messages on varous social media sites by survivors and family/friends. SO MANY PEOPLE ARE STILL IN GREAT, EVEN DESPARATE NEED OF HELP!!! Please donate what you can, every small amount adds up. If you’re able to personally go to these areas to help physically both humand AND animal life, I strongly encourage you to do so. Remember, just as quickly and, usually unexpectedly as these have happened to these thousands of people it could just as easily be YOU. ME. US. We would want others around the world to show us compassion, kindness, help, prayers and whatever else would be needed.

WEBSITES TO DONATE, SEEK INFORMATION, HELP:… (Joyce Meyer Ministries: Hand of Hope programs give 100% of all donattions towards these areas. They also have Several Teams out in the various areas, volunteering and helping)… (for anyone who wants to Volunteer AND/OR Donate) (to see which charities donate and how much to the various disaster relief funds)… (provides multiple organizations that are helping Mexico) (providing relief to Mexico, Puerto Rico and Hurricane areas) (for Montana wildfires)… (to provide help to the Pacific Northwest Fire Victims)… (to donate to Northwest Fires and Hurricane Irma) SUICIDE PREVENTION HELP: National Phone Number 24/7 availability:1-800-273-8255

http://chat.suicidepreventionlifeline… (to chat LIVE with someone, 24/7 availability) BULLYING HOTLINE: TEENS: CALL 310-855-4673 , TEXT TEEN to 839863 WEBSITE:… KIDS: (800) 467-6997 (U.S. 24/7 availability) CYBER BULLYING HOTLINE: CALL: 844-878-2274 (24/7 availability) WEBSITE:…

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