Making Memories: Milkshakes For Fun

My granddaughter, Narë, (pronounced: Nawree) came to me and said “Gama I wana make milkshakes and ‘cord it” which is her word for ‘record’. She’s 3 years old so her words are still developing. This video we made FOR FUN AND TO MAKE MEMORIES….and because she is Very Bossy and INSISTED that Gama record it and post it….LOL!!!  She’s watched me posting to my various social media sites and always asks me “what’s that Gama?”. My gosh, I simply am head over heels in love with my granddaughter. And apparently, she wants her 5 minutes of fame….LOL. So there’s no specific format to this video. It was created and posted primarly for the ‘memories’ with my heart, my joy, my love…My Narëbear (nawree-bear) which is my nick name for her. We made strawberry milkshakes. I hope you enjoy this.

Dreyers slow churned vanilla bean ice cream
Fresh strawberries, blended into a puree
Coconut Milk or regular milk

fresh fruit
Dreyer’s Ice Cream
making memories
family time
fun times
fresh ingredients
cheap snack
quick snack
easy recipe
food porn
just for fun

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