My Favorite Natural Herbal Tea. Healthy and Refreshing!

Herbal Tea Bags for MY favorite teaIngredients:
2 bags of each tea below = 2 quarts, light to medium flavor

Green Tea-Jasmine (high in antioxidants with Jasmine having a calming sense of well-being)

Peppermint (soothes digestive problems, eliminates inflammation, aids in weight loss)

Cinnamon-Berry Probiotic Balance – Yogi brand (organic Chai spices, Cranberry, Hawthorn Berry, Coriander and Cumin as well as probiotic for a healthy digestive system)

Roasted Dandelion Root (natural diuretic, excellent support for a healthy immune and digestive system, eliminates toxins from the liver and helps balance blood sugar levels)

Nettle Leaf (natural diuretic, flushes toxins from the liver and blood, treats prevents urinary tract infections, allergies, reduces inflammation in osteoarthritis and other general pains of the joints)

Sweet Tangerine – Yogi brand (helps boost energy and an overall positive, balanced feeling)

Ginger Root – appx 4-6 thin slices for quick boiling (treats motion sickness, cures and prevents digestive conditions, controls vomiting, excellent antioxidant and anti-inflammation, especially of the intestines)   **Note: Ginger Root can be a very strong and spicy flavored. I like a stronger flavor but if you’re unsure, I suggest you start with 2-3 slices of the root and increase to the strength of flavor you prefer.

¼ – ½ cup of Raw Honey or Raw Cane Sugar (or Stevia to sweeten – optional)

large pot of boiling water

Fill up a 2-quart pitcher with cold water to ensure you have the right amount of water to avoid wasting any excess. Add the water in the pitcher into a large pot and bring to a FULL BOIL.  **Note: Depending upon the size of the batch you make will determine how many tea bags to use.  I drink this tea every day and use a 2-quart pitcher which lasts me approximately 5 days, depending upon my consumption. In the summer I am doubling the batch to fill up both of my 2-quart pitchers which I go through once a week.

While the water is boiling, add in the ginger root slices so the essence of the root will boil into the water. Remove the tea bags from their packages and remove the tags as well. I like to gather them all up into one bunch and tie up all the strings into a knot. Once the water has come to a FULL BOIL, turn off the heat.

hot steeped herb tea in a 2 quart pitcher_top view

Remove the ginger root slices from the water first. Next, holding the tied-up bunch of 12 tea bags, put them into the hot water but hold onto the knotted strings.  I like to run the bags around in the water, to allow the hot water to flow through the bags and kick start the steeping process.  Let the bags steep approximately 10-15 minutes, (the longer the bags steep the stronger the flavor).  Using two large slotted spoons, squeeze the excess water and tea from the bunch of bags until they are ‘wrung dry’, so to speak.
Pour the tea from the large pot into the pitcher.  Add the sugar and stir well to fully dissolve.  If you do not use like to sweeten your tea, you do not have to add anything to sweeten the tea. The combined flavors of the teas are a wonderful balance of soft florals with the peppermint keeping it from being too flowery.  Personally, I also enjoy drinking the tea without any raw honey or sweetener.  But, it will be YOUR batch so you sweeten (or not) to your specific taste.

MY favorite batch of Herbal Tea

**Note: These teas are NOT strong flavored. The overall combined flavor and strength of this mixed herbal tea is light to medium. If you prefer your tea to be stronger flavored, I suggest adding 1 bag of each tea to the batch.  If you use the loose tea leaves, be advised the flavor tends to be on the stronger side.
**Extra Note: Because I really enjoy the refreshing flavor of the peppermint, I often add 2 extra bags of peppermint to my batch, which also makes the overall strength a little stronger but not overpowering. And, the best part, these teas are all non-caffeine. The energy boost you receive from this is from all natural herbs. Yay!!

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