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I am a not so ordinary woman who has a lot of Ordinary and Not so ordinary experiences to share with folks who are looking for a beacon of light to help guide them out of their darkness, encouragement, spiritual and universal guidance, and ways to attain personal growth. Rockie’s Place offers some sillyness, laughs, How Tos, a lot of shared experiences and journeys and pretty much whatever else comes to my mind that whispers to me. We all have a purpose in life (sadly not everyone realizes this nor cares to discover theirs and live it). My God Ordained ‘PURPOSE’ in this life is to share MY experiences, my ‘real life stories’, my gained wisdom through lessons learned, and to be a source of positive encouragement to others. By choosing to be transparent with (most) of my life, I hope to touch people’s lives across the world in a positive, educational, spiritual and loving way. Everyone has a story to share and as human beings we not only love to connect with others; essentially we NEED to connect with others. It’s human nature.

Every day is an adventure….like Forrest Gump once said, “Life is like a box of chocolates…ya never know What you’re gonna get.” Adventures come both planned and unplanned and will run the spectrum of emotions from the darkest pain to the brightest joy.  We tend to judge within the first 30 seconds someone new based upon what they look like, how they’re speaking and behaving. You never know what someone’s story is but when you take the time to really get to know people, you just may find you like them more than you initially thought. Therefore, whether you Like me, Love me or Neither, no worries, no ill will and I have only kindness, grace and blessings to wish upon every one of you.  I promote LOVE, LAUGHTER, KINDNESS and HELP IN LIFE (consutling).   Also, anyone who has a specific request on a subject they would like me to address, or perhaps to expand upon, please submit your questions or requests to me via my email contact. The primary purpose of my website is to be a source of help, guidance, advice and informaton to others all over the world . And finally…. THANK YOU for visiting and supporting me. YOU ARE ALL VERY MUCH APPRECIATED!!

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER:  One important note that I want to stress: I am a straight up, no BS type of person so if there are ANY comments that are hateful, racist, prejudiced or outright cruel and disrespectful to anyone who leaves comments or to myself, those types of comments WILL be removed and repeat offenders will be blocked.  I HAVE A ZERO BULLYING AND HATE TOLERANCE. Thank you.

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