Food ingredients to look for and avoid that are banned in other countries but LEGAL here in the United States

When it comes to allowing products and chemicals in food, the United States has very different rules versus other countries in the world.  While several countries have banned these toxic chemicals, they are still LEGAL in the United States of America.


A New Beginning (a short story by Roxanne Lopez)

There were people everywhere. Finally, she was here, nervous as a school girl about to get her first kiss. She knew the perfect one would love her unconditionally and be her best friend. She had been dreaming for months about beautiful brown eyes framed with thick lashes. She just knew that she would know 'the one' as soon as their eyes met.

Yes, You Are SEXY!

Being sexy is not about your age or having a flawless face, a perfectly shaped body . It is about being comfortable and loving who you are. Sexiness is that confident energy you possess and wear like a second skin.

Green Juice with Kale, Chard, Cilantro…

Vegetables in their purest form are refreshing and palate-cleansing. Adding sweet fruits naturally sweetens the juice while a hint of mint makes this green juice both refreshing and invigorating. If you are not a big veggie fan, this is a wonderful healthy way to get your daily dose and you can even take it on the go!

Happiness and Healing Start With YOU!

How many times have you been deeply hurt by a loved one (family, close friend, partner or spouse) or lost a loved one and don't know how to move on? Happiness and Healing starts with you.

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